SVN® Corporate Real Estate & Advisory Services

Our Corporate Services Group’s primary focus is ensuring that client-driven objectives are successfully accomplished. Whether your objectives are reducing costs, increasing operating efficiencies, more complete portfolio information, stronger budgeting and business support, strategic planning, or all of the above, real estate should be a key partner in enabling your business success. We take the time to listen to you regarding your goals and needs. This perspective includes understanding your firm, industry, culture, business success factors, and ultimately how to improve your competitive advantage. Please see additional information at

Our services create significant value and include:

  • Increased Operating Efficiencies
  • Increased Margins and EBITDA
  • Strategic Portfolio Planning
  • Transaction Management & Reporting
  • Lease Administration & Project Management
  • Global Best Practices
  • Portfolio Stewardship Reports

Our Advisory Services consist of the following:

  • Branding and Marketing Strategies for Complex, Underutilized, and Distressed Real Estate Assets.
  • Earnings Initiatives for RE Held by Corporations, PE Firms, and Institutions (Government, Universities, Healthcare, Non-profits).
  • Driving Economic Development and Job Creation for Municipalities and Governments through Creative RE Strategies.
  • Debt Restructuring and Distressed Asset Recovery Solutions.
  • Valuation and Market Insights on all types of land, commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional properties on a national level.
  • Academic Platforms at University of Delaware (Real Estate Finance) and Johns Hopkins (Derivation of RE Earnings using SAP/Oracle).

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